Google Chrome 6 crash with Flash

If you are like me, you love Google Chrome and have make it your default browser over IE and Firefox, but recently my Chrome began to behave very badly with flash content and a quick research on Google found that I am not alone. As an example, if I go to YouTube, Google Chrome crashes and give me this popup :

Google Chrome Crash on FlashIf you click on “check online for a solution and close the program” it takes a while to do the exact same thing as… “close the program“.

Here’s the problem, Flash is embedded in Chrome and you got one too much!

Open a chrome page and go to about:plugins” now on this page click on the “+ details” on the top right to open all plugins information.

Go to the flash plugin and you’ll see 2 files for the flash plugin, there is a priority propriety, disable the lowest priority file (mine got a priority 2 and a 23, so I disabled the priority 2 file being “gcswf32.dll”)

Close all Chrome windows, restart Chrome, and you should be fine.